Sunday, January 2, 2011


After several years of frustration in attempting to convert my liberal friends to a more courageous way of thinking, I have determined three things:
  1. My efforts have been largely futile.
  2. Liberals are converted over time; due to facing critical life circumstances, and/or the recognition that liberal ideology is simply non-enduring.
  3. Derision and name calling does nothing to assist in their conversion.
In light of these revelations, I’ve decided that my efforts might be better invested in discussing the virtues of conservative thought, as opposed to pointing out the blatant fallacies of liberal thinking. Now, this does not mean that I will refrain from comparison and contrast, it simply means that I will attempt to couch my words in non demeaning ways in my observations. Perhaps my words will capture the attention of a young liberal thinker in his or her journey to a more courageous way of thinking. My discussion will be delivered in 10 parts. This is part one.

Virtue One
The cornerstone of conservative thought is the belief in moral order … that there are indeed absolutes. In fact, moral order depends upon adherence to and conformity to certain absolutes. These absolutes are readily apparent, but too often ignored by the non-conservative thinker. I’ll list a few of the most obvious here:

1. There are consequences to behavior, and bad behavior will result in bad consequences. We have evidence of this absolute in our day-to-day existence; drug abuse, theft, murder, etc. Adherence to a moral order attempts to define and defy bad behavior and thereby avoid the bad consequences altogether. Conservatives will be quick to point out that individuals are responsible for their choices and behavior. Spending more money than you earn will eventually result in bad consequences. Ordering hot coffee and then spilling it on your pants is not the fault of the company that sold you the hot coffee. It is a decidedly liberal idea that one can sue the company that sold you what you wanted, but which you improperly handled. The 111th Congress, decidedly liberal, increased the national debt 10 fold in the four years that they held the purse strings. There will be consequences for the out-of-control spending of this liberal group of politicians. Dare I mention abortion; a decidedly liberal doctrine? Killing un-born babies for the last 30 years has certainly had, and will continue to have, an impact on society, whether or not the liberals want to admit it. Behavior has consequences. This is an indisputable truth. It is absolute.

2. Humans will act in ways to insure that their self interests are realized. A moral order is necessary to both restrain their potential indulgences and promote their productivity. Left to their own devices, men would have another man’s property, another man’s money and another man’s wife. It is a moral order that bridals men from engaging in behavior resulting in these outcomes. At the same time a moral order allows men/women to pursue their passions, remain productive and ensure the survival of society. The very rules that inhibit the passions of men are the same rules that promote his productivity and serve to sustain a viable society. Conservatives believe that self determination is superior to communism, where communism forces men to abandon their self interests and work, either in part or in whole, in the interests of others. We will behave in ways that will promote our self interests, This is an indisputable truth. It is absolute. 

3. An inherent sense of justice exists in all rational individuals. A moral order is, in part, a result of men agreeing that individual justice must prevail to ensure a productive society. A sustained and predetermined pattern of injustice corrupts the moral order and can cause men to act irrationally. Conservatives hold that justice is realized when men are rewarded for their honest and forthright use of their time, effort and resources. If a man justly prospers, he should not be penalized for his prosperity. Moral order is violated when men engage in class warfare, embrace racism as a means of advancing personal agendas, or unjustly demonize individuals, organizations or companies. The moral order is violated when governments impose burdensome taxes upon the productive members of its society. The conservative’s interpretation of justice begins with the individual. Social justice is nothing more than a misnomer when the resources of hard working individuals are being confiscated and unwisely distributed. Liberals labeled the TEA party as racists, radicals and bigots, when in truth the members of the movement were simply vocalizing their perception that individual justice was being violated by the Obama administration and the 111th Congress. A sense of justice exists in all men. This is an indisputable truth. It is absolute.

  1. Humans are born consumers and consume until the day they die. This absolute presents the individual three options: 1. Earn the means for consumption. 2. Be gifted the means for consumption. 3. Steal the means for consumption. Conservatives hold that a moral order requires individuals to start earning the means of their consumption at an early date in their personal development. They also understand that children and the handicapped must be gifted their means of their consumption. A moral order also requires punishment for those that would steal their means of consumption. A closer look at this absolute will assist the reader in understanding conservative thinking. In conservative thought, gifting is an individual choice, not one that is imposed upon him. Government has no business determining who is and who is not gifted their means of consumption. If rightly upheld, the moral order will consequently identify those that need gifting and provision for the needy will be rightly administered. Humans are born consumers and consume until the day they die. This is an indisputable truth. It is absolute.

  2. Humans are born with the desire to explore their individualism. Rob individuals of this sense of uniqueness and you rob them of their souls. Conservatives embrace practices, strategies and behaviors that promote this axiom. For example, conservatives encourage competition at a variety of levels; academically, physically, even socially. Conservatives understand that competition is a mechanism which encourages individuals to excel. Yes, there will be winners and losers, because that's the way the world works.  It is liberal thought that systematically eliminated competition from the school playgrounds and Saturday community activities. Conservatives understand that there are inherent risks associated with the practice of individualism; the risk of failure, the risk of rejection, and the risk of being violated or misunderstood. We are born unique individuals, with the capacity to develop different skills, talents and abilities. This is an indisputable truth. It is absolute.

An enduring moral order depends upon societies recognizing and embracing the concept of absolutes. Without absolutes we are left with relativism, which by definition, says that all behavior can be justified.  Conservatives simply adhere to the natural laws that define absolutes, and attempt to live in harmony with them. The liberal thinker does not necessarily reject the existence of absolutes, but will reject their application. For the liberal, equality of outcome is paramount to the success of their agenda. The recognition and adherence to a moral order, defined by absolutes, runs counter to their agenda. In a society ordered by absolutes, some individuals will necessarily be more successful than others. In a society ordered by absolutes, some will necessarily go hungry, remain homeless, be forced to take responsibility for their behavior, and be denied their selfish desires.

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