Monday, August 27, 2012

Job Description

The national debt and the budget deficit is a threat to your security.  High oil prices are a threat to your economic well being. America's economic situation, particularly the unemployment rate, demands a reasoned and structured approach to return to normalcy. Call me wrong? Anyone? No, these facts are without debate. So, I want to know, "Where is the President's plan?" Isn't it the President's job to offer solutions, or to at least suggest initiatives that might solve problems of national interest?  I mean, don't we elect a president to lead, inspire and rally solutions to problems. If a president can't do those things, what good is he/she? 

No, I don't think this president understands his job description, and his rhetoric offers us a bit of insight into how misinformed he really is:
His plan to stimulate employment - Tax the rich.
His plan to fix Medicare - Tax the rich.
His plan to fix Social Security - Tax the rich.
His plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil - Tax the rich.
His plan to hold the deficit in check - Tax the rich.
His plan to reduce the national debt - Tax the rich.
His plan to restore America's credibility in the world community - Tax the rich.
The problem with this plan is that the rich don't have enough money to do all that, even if the government took every penny. Don't believe me? Then go do the math.

To be sure, he has a more detailed plan to get re-elected. Simply look at his campaign advertisements and listen to the lame stream media. It's obvious that he's pinning his hopes for re-election by engaging in the following strategy:
Convince women that the Republicans are waging a war on women.
Convince Latinos that Republicans hate minorities.
Convince the working class that Republicans want the the "fat cats" to get richer at the expense of the middle class.
Convince seniors that Republicans want to steal their Medicare and Social Security.
Blame Bush for the mess he inherited.

Now, someone please tell me how any of that adds up to a plan to address the critical issues that face our country? What I observe is a President engaging in the tactics of class envy and fear mongering. But what else can he do? He has no record of success to run on.

I suspect that most Americans, at least the one's that vote, understand what a president is elected to do. One thing we expect from a president is to refrain from fear mongering, and class warfare. We also expect accountability and a measure of forthrightness. So, here's the challenge to you Obama supporters: Please offer us a single instance where he has been either; accountable or forthright in regards to the critical issues facing our country. Secondly, offer us a single campaign speech where he didn't engage in some form of class envy, or fear mongering. Then lastly, please articulate the President's plan to address the looming problems facing all of us: Joblessness, the price of gas, inflation, the growing national debt and out of control Federal Spending. Do that and we will have some room for honest debate. Until then, dear Obama supporters, I don't want to hear your unsubstantiated claims about how Romney and Ryan only want to empower the rich, and steal government entitlements. I don't want to hear how Republicans hate women, minorities and gays. Until Obama articulates a game plan to stabilize the economy, reduce unemployment, reduce deficit spending, pay down the National Debt and suggest a cohesive energy policy, you should think long and hard about why you're planning to vote for someone who doesn't understand the job description.

Run, Hit, Throw?

It still baffles me that our sitting President enjoys a virtual tie in the polls, despite his record and the state of our country. Are there really that many voters, presumably adults, that have no regard for the reality of our situation? Perhaps you're one of these adolescent minded individuals that is still planning on voting for BHO in November. Can we kindly ask why? Can we respectfully question the reasons for your adamant support of a president that has clearly failed to live up to the office? I fully understand your support for him in 2008. America had plunged into recession, and we had a candidate like no other candidate in our brief history. He was an eloquent speaker, he was a crafty politician, and he offered America the opportunity to put to rest the notion that America was a racist country. So, in casting your vote, you bought the sparkle the glitz the rhetoric and veiled messages, and proved to yourself and your neighbors that you weren't a racist. Good for you, but you did it without really understanding what the man meant by Hope and Change, even though people like me tried to warn you.

That was four years ago.

So let's look at the Obama record. I mean, that's how we do things in America, right? To offer a loose analogy, if you can't run, hit and throw then you can't seriously be considered a baseball player.

For the first time in our history, and during the Obama Administration, America's credit rating was downgraded. Okay, let's blame that one on Bush, and I'll temporarily forget that Pelosi and Reid had anything to do with it.  But what has Obama done to remedy that? Nothing. In fact he's offered budgets that place us $1Trillon dollars in debt ever year from now until 2020.  That's not exactly what a responsible president should be doing in times of financial crises.

We've had the opportunity to secure a bit of energy independence these past four years. Did Obama capitalize on these opportunities? No, instead he continually denies off-shore drilling permits in the U.S., but sends billions of dollars to Brazil to help develop their oil production. Furthermore, he spent billions of tax payers dollars on loans to "clean energy" companies, promising millions of green jobs. Hello ... employment is still above 8%. Government picking winners and losers is not an American concept. Period. End of discussion on that point. 

Iran is close to achieving a nuclear weapon. What has Obama done to deter that? Nothing! If this doesn't concern you, you really need to read more, and I'm not talking about Esquire or Cosmopolitan.

We had several military/national security victories in the last four years, not the least of which was the elimination of OBL. A Bush initiative that BHO embraced and carried out.  What did our president do following the death of Osama Bin Laden? His administration promptly leaked the classified information of how it was accomplished, followed by more leaks concerning covert operations that were designed to keep Americans safe. While wer'e on the topic of national security, he told a Russian representative that he would reduce America's nuclear arsenal when he got re-elected. God help us!

We now have nationalized health care ... a big Obama victory. The only problem is that, by any measurable standard, Obamacare isn't what he said it was going to be, and doesn't do what he said it would do. Instead, it is certain to bankrupt certain small businesses, reduce the number of doctors, and ration health care.  Oh, boy ... free health care that everyone has to pay for.  Someone tell me how this fixes anything.

I don't have the time or writing space to talk about all the power grabs known as executive orders this President has authorized. These are nothing more than unconstitutional devices to win votes, appease his union buddies, and further grow the Federal Government. They have nothing to do with economic security, domestic security or strengthening the middle class.

Hasn't the man done enough damage to our country through his lack of leadership?  We face a very critical crossroads in our history. We, Americans, cannot afford four more years of an Administration with this kind of record.

I may not be able to change your mind about your support for BHO, but I very well may be able to shame you to refrain from voting in November. If you vote for Obama, you're as big a part of the problem as he is. He has clearly demonstrated his ideology as un-American. He has clearly demonstrated that he cannot lead. He has clearly demonstrated his disregard for our economic security.  What is his plan to save SS and Medicare? What's his energy policy following his failure to "create" all those green jobs? What is his foreign policy in regards to the Mid-East, China, and Israel? What is his plan to put Americans back to work? No one knows the answers to these questions, and that's a big problem. So far, the only plan I've heard this President offer, besides blaming Bush, is tax the rich. Like that's going to solve all our problems. Do you believe that? Is that the plan you're voting for? You want to make the producers/employers pay more? You believe that further taxing the rich will lead to good things for you? Well, then please don't vote in November because you're not smart enough to weigh the facts against what ever else you're using to rationalize support for this man who is arguably the worst President ever elected to the office.  Run, hit, throw? I don't think so.