Monday, May 14, 2012

45% - Really?

I guess I need to come clean.  I don't like our sitting President.  I don't like his Marxist ideas, his irresponsible spending, his globalist puppet masters, his double speak, his lack of leadership, his propensity to blame others instead of taking responsibility, his dis ingenuousness about jobs, his treatment of our Allies, his Atty. General, his Secty. of Energy, his Secty. of HUD, nor his complicit minions in the main stream media. So, after taking nearly 8 years of grief for supporting and defending G W Bush ... I certainly hope you'll forgive me for seeking a bit of retribution.
Our nation has one foot in the grave, and 45% of the voters in America don't care. They've already made up their minds that 8% unemployment is okay. They have already settled on the fact that gas is going to be $5 a gallon or more, that 7% inflation is okay, that running trillion dollar deficits every year is just peachy, and that more government intrusion into our lives is a virtue.  I seriously don't think I'm going to change the minds of any one of these socialists. They don't care about facts. They don't care about evidence, historical relevance, reason, logic, or principles. They are mind-numb robots, led to believe that government is meant to solve all our problems, and that if they could just get those pesky conservatives out of the way, the result would be Utopia here in America.  They don't give a rats back side about the trend toward tyranny, and America becoming a second rate nation. This group has no clue of the importance of America's role on the planet. This 45% of Americans, of whom I speak, are like adolescents, adamantly claiming their independence but still clinging to their parents for their subsistence.  These voters don't give a rip about America, their legacy or their children's future. For if they did, they would pay more attention to what is going on around them. If they did, they would embrace the evidence of this administration's failures and join the rest of us in seeking a President who just might pull that leg out of the grave. I'm still fearful of where BHO could take us if re-elected. I mean, just look where we were three years ago, and where we are today. Of course that would mean looking at the facts, and coming to some logical conclusions ... something it appears that 45% of Americans are just not willing to do.

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