Friday, February 8, 2013

So, You Want to Call Me a Racist?

I guess I'm confused. Someone please explain to me how being a racist or a bigot affects the relevant facts of any discussion.  

For example: 
President Obama is not my dad or my boss. That's a fact. 
This President has presided over the worst economy in my lifetime. That's a fact. 
This President has demeaned the free market system more than any President since Roosevelt. That's a fact. 
This President has misled the American people about taxes, health care and the war on terror. That's a fact. 

Hypothetically speaking ...even if I admit to being a racist, how does that invalidate a single one of my points?

The left is infamous for using the term, almost always at the point when their logic or reasoning on a topic has run aground. I see it happen all the time, and it's sickening. 

Just stop it already!

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