Thursday, September 6, 2012

They Cut Quarterbacks, Don't They

I'm familiar with a team that has a beloved QB. He was highly recruited and especially admired by enthusiastic new fans, people who didn't know the game and  even the referees. The front office thought for sure this man was the one who would bring their struggling team back to the place it had been for many many seasons ... #1. Alas, after several seasons some in the front office began to have their doubts. The team wasn't winning, and the truth of the matter is the team was just getting stomped on a regular basis. This QB would hand off when he should have  passed and he would pass when he should have run with the ball himself.  Seldom would he even get the team close enough to kick a field goal.  Between games, he wouldn't communicate with his team mates, and when he did, it was often at his own convenience and in vague or misleading terms. The perception of some in the front office was that he would rather play golf than be in a team meeting. He was often seen fraternizing with rival team members, and was even overheard giving assurances to one rival team that he was going to help them win in the next season. I mentioned before that the refs really liked this guy ... often ignoring his flagrant rule violations.

Well, in about 50 days,  the front office has to make a choice; renew his contract or cut him from the team. I'm praying that the front office has enough insight and where-with-all to cut Barak H. Obama from the team. Like an old familiar actor recently said ...and I'm paraphrasing ... We own this team, and  If somebody can't do the job ... you have to let them go.