Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why I Post: Because I Care

Why I post:   I have a job that affords me some flexible time, and a portion of that time is spent reading, watching and listening. I'll admit that much of the information I consume comes from conservative sources, but that doesn't mean it's inaccurate. In fact, it's probably more accurate than the news sources upon  which many folks are depending.  I'll give you some examples. If you get your news from CNN, MSNBC, or one of the other Networks, I'll bet a dollar against your dime that you thought the Zimmerman defense team was using the "Stand Your Ground" statute of Florida law as a defense. WRONG! The Zimmerman trial was a self defense case. I'll also bet my dollar against your dime that if you rely on the the establishment media for your information that you have no clue that the President co-sponsored a "stand your ground" bill when he was a Senator. I'll also bet my dollar to your dime that you don't know squat about the new data on climate change.  Global warming stopped more than a decade ago ... Al Gore, et. al.  Epic Fail. 
So, why do I post? Because I care about my country. I care that so many people arrive at their suppositions the same way they get catch a cold.  On  a daily basis I get to witness kids who graduate from H.S. with no knowledge of American History... No concept of what the Bill of Rights means, and no appreciation of the sacrifices made to enable the freedom and prosperity which they mindlessly enjoy.  I post because I have a son that deserves to live in a United States that is populated with people who appreciate their heritage, who embrace personal responsibility, who revere the rule of Law enumerated by the Constitution, and recognize the dangers of collectivism.  So, yes, when I observe the most  powerful man on the planet, woefully leading the most powerful nation in all of history down the path of self destruction, I'm going to say something, or write something. True to my principles: you don't have to like it. Simply remove me as friend or stop following.  My God-given right is to voice my concerns. Your God-given right is to choose not to listen.


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