Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Ode to Election Day

So, we reelected the man
The charismatic BHO
How exactly that happened is
Just hard to know
But there are some things I wish to portend
Starting with this; 
It's the beginning of the end

Our money will be worthless, say, in less than a year
Gas prices will rise, that's more than clear

The stock market will crash following the dollar's demise
And the liberals will blame Bush 
With their pathetic reprise

Unemployment will crush any hope of  expansion
Hard working Americans will give up
"What's that ... owning a mansion?"
Rights will be dictated from the house painted White

And the eyes of justice will no longer be blind
The doctor you loved will tell you good bye
And children will ask
"Why did grandma have to die?"

The houses we own will be worthless to sell
The businesses we built
Might as well be in hell
The UN will dictate what we eat, drink and drive
The rights we once knew will no longer survive

Alas our great country, 
Chose a man with no vision
But truth be revealed ...
Chose a man with no wisdom

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