Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Suggestion Number One When Life Sucks

Sometimes life sucks. You know exactly what I mean. Not one of us living on God’s green earth has led a life without pain, disappointment, suffering or loss. Yes, sometimes life sucks, but there are some things that I have done over the years that have helped me get through some of those times when life sucks.  I could offer a list, but right now I just want to talk about one thing. It has worked for me, and it has worked for others, so if you’re at a moment in your life when it truly does suck, try this: Learn something new.  It doesn’t have to be monumental or difficult, or even particularly challenging. Just find something of interest that you don’t know about and learn how to do it.  Let me offer a few suggestions.
Learn a new recipe
Learn how to use a new computer application
Learn how to sew
Learn how to brew beer. (This is one that I did, and it has been immensely rewarding.)
Learn how to manage your diet.
Learn how to better manage your finances.
Learn about a part of history that interests you.
Learn about a person, place or event that interests you.
It doesn’t matter what you learn, the fact is that the process of learning will give you a new perspective on life.  Yes, sometimes life sucks, and I’ll be sharing more about how to deal with these times in later posts.  For now, be good to you, and visit the links below.

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